After viewing the lake and noting evidence of a healthy "musje" finch population no longer seen in Rotterdam. THE ODEON One of the standards we re-visited accompanied with an early irish coffee. Allowing an opportunity to measure the progress of change in a city's cafe identity. The art deco environment seems no longer en vogue. WOOD and METAL have made place for A FLASH PLASTIC identity; which seems to be the desired cafe environment in Zürich at present. And FREITAG is an extreemly common brand, over the shoulder of more than just the architects. They do have an amazing shop concept, must see. COOP formats, in view from almost every corner in the city.

Marcel took Daphne to Zürich for a few days in November, to escape Rotterdam while job perspectives take their time to unfold.

An objective view on the city visited countless times since the early 80's.

Thanks to Margarita and Christoph, Pasquale, Dimphie and Sanne; for your friendship and hospitality. And great to see you: Doris Borel, Maude and Pascal, Anouk and Ute.